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The VSI Group offers Custom Luxury Websites

Leading real estate agents in the industry know the importance of

making the marketing of their luxury properties commensurate

with the caliber of the listing.

There are so many modern, innovative pieces of information that tell the story of a luxury property. What are some things progressive agents are providing homebuyers and agents?

  • Professional photos

  • Luxury virtual tours

  • Professional video

  • Floor plans

  • Site plans and land surveys

  • Professional drone photos

  • Professional drone video

  • Matterport imaging

  • PDF documents

  • Social media outlets

  • Chronicled information of historical properties

These marketing tools give homebuyers, especially those in other states and countries, an all-encompassing view of a luxury home. These tools are incredibly effective but can be daunting to keep track of.

At the beginning of February 2016 The VSI Group started creating

Custom Luxury Websites

They combine all of your listing information into one modern, concise location…a custom website with the address of your listing as the URL.

Positives: It’s All For YOU…no, seriously!

  • We create the website for you

  • We obtain the domain name and post the website for you

  • Provide us the information, and we put it into the website for you

  • We can add or remove information from your website for you

Details. Details.

You can use this website in your FMLS buyer’s report. Just, use the website address as your virtual tour link.

FMLS does not allow any branding on their virtual tours. We will provide an unbranded website URL for you to use on FMLS.

We will create another website for you that is branded with your agent information. You will use the branded website for all your other marketing, (social media,, print materials, etc.).

Here is what

Custom Luxury Websites

look like…

Real estate agents can easily paint the picture of a luxury listing with the abundance of innovative marketing tools today. These tools can be overwhelming to juggle and present to homebuyers and other agents, but the Custom Luxury Website is the perfect forum to showcase all of your property information. The website displays all of the information in a clear, concise, and simple way for viewers. The arrangement and layout of the site is modern and beautiful. It speaks to the caliber of the property and to you as the real estate agent representing the property. Contact chris@thevsigroup for more information about developing your Custom Luxury Website.

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