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You’re going to STAR in your own real estate video! Let’s make sure you are ready.

Are you a little intimidated by being on film in your real estate video? This is a very normal feeling and most of our clients have felt the exact same way, especially the first time.

Producing a real estate video is commonplace among innovative real estate agents. Putting a face on film, whether it is yours or not, brings your video to life. It is more captivating to watch because of the personal element; viewers are drawn to this. Now that you’re making your film debut, we want you to be ready!

Connie and Kevin are 2 agents we work with.

Screen shots from their videos are great examples for you.

The comments are important to remember; they will prepare you.

Suggestions for Women

Connie: Agent Profile Video

Connie Carolson

Connie Carlson, Connie Carlson Team, Keller Williams Signature Partners

  • Ladies, wear makeup. (If you don’t wear makeup, give your face a good wash followed by moisturizer and lip-gloss.)

  • Be sure your hair is neatly combed and styled.

  • Pleasant facial expressions show excitement for what you are talking about.

  • A smile that is bright, but true to your personality, draws in viewers.

  • Body language: using natural hand gestures and body movements demonstrates confidence and conversational manner. (Speak on camera just like you would to a homebuyer, seller, or another agent.)

  • Relax! Connie is calm and comfortable in her chair rather than stiff. Even though you may be nervous, we will help things go smoothly.

  • Connie is wearing bright colors without tight prints. Bright colors look great on film and against your skin. They send a positive, upbeat message to your viewers.

Suggestions for Men

Kevin: Agent Interview Video

Kevin McBride

Kevin McBride, Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

  • For men, shave beforehand. (If you have facial hair, trim it neatly.)

  • Many men don’t typically wear makeup. If this is your case, simply have your face washed and moisturized.

  • A focused demeanor tells viewers you are engaged and interested in the interview, just as you are with clients and colleagues.

  • Smiling shows enthusiasm, kindness, and approachability.

  • Your body language tells a lot about your personality. Using natural hand gestures encourages viewers to confide in you. (Speak on camera just like you would to a homebuyer, seller, or another agent.)

  • Relax! Kevin isn’t stiff or rigid. He sits comfortably and upright in his chair.

What to Wear

Camera Moire  Photo credit:

On film, fabrics with tight, thin stripes cause an effect called moire (pronounced “more-ay”). Moire happens when squiggly or wavy lines appear on thinly striped fabrics.

Kevin is wearing strong colors without tight prints. His jacket has stripes, but they are not tight, so they are not causing a moire effect. Suit jackets are not mandatory on film. Men may also choose to wear a white or colored shirt, or a vibrant tie. Be sure that any stripes on the shirt or tie are not tight.

Photo credit:

Being on film in your real estate video isn’t as daunting as it may seem. If the thought of being on film makes you feel stressed, focus on your reasoning for doing the project. Agent videos allow your clients (current and potential) to make a connect to you and your business. The videos market yourself, your properties, and your sincere thoughts about real estate. When it is all said and done, you will be so happy that you made the video and you will see that it has positively affected your esteem and productivity as a leading agent in the area.

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