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Choices. Choices.  Here are some examples of what real estate videos can look like.

Today, video is the hottest marketing tool used by premier real estate agents. They understand that clicking a play button is more captivating than reading a property brochure.

Real estate videos come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used for properties at any price point, and people love to watch them. Well…as long as they’re around 2-3 minutes, because viewers will typically only invest about that amount of time to watch.

First Things First!

There is no template or set way to produce a real estate video. Your video should be unique and different, because it will represent you and mimic your selling style and personality.

The videos in this post are just examples of types of videos we have produced. This is a short list but it will give you some ideas.

1. Our basic property video

Agents like these because they are simple and cut to the chase. The property speaks for itself and it’s easy to stay between 2-3 minutes. (Cutting the videos down to 00:15 or 00:30 seconds is great for social media posts.)

850 Piedmont Avenue

790 Brook Park Place

SUGGESTION Basic property videos can introduce a brand new listing or refresh a listing that has been on the market for a while.

2. Property videos that star the Agent!

There is no format or formula to these kinds of videos either and the more creative, the better. When you’re talking about your listing on camera, only mention specific things that are unique about the property. Keep it short, real estate videos are not the same as showings.

Meredith Miller at 790 Rosedale Road

David Vannort at 422 The Wilburn House

Johnny Gonzales 442 Cain Street

SUGGESTION Are you ready to be on film? Click here to make sure.

3. Homeowner Interview

Your sellers know the property better than anyone. They know why it’s great to live there, all the cool features, and what makes the house a home. They are also experts about the neighborhood, local schools, and what makes the community great. Interviewing the current owners shows them that you value their opinions and want them involved with the sale of their home.

Architecture by Bill Harrison

SUGGESTION Agents ask us “who should interview the homeowners?”

We recommend one of our producers asking questions off screen.

4. Lifestyle Video

When we say “Lifestyle” we are referring to a video with people in it. These are fun to produce because people literally bring the home to life. They convey the type of lifestyle buyers will live when they purchase the home. Important features, special spaces, and anything that you want to really bring attention to are reasons to have people in your video. They are also a way to veer away from basic videos and no property is too small to be a Lifestyle Video.

Lifestyle Videos that are on a smaller scale might only have people in just a few scenes.

952 Highland Terrace

486 West Paces Ferry Road

215 Trimble Crest

Larger and Longer: There are also Lifestyle Videos that are longer than three minutes because of the large size of the home or property. People are typically in the majority of these videos.

Tanners Mill

Fox Hunter

Who is going to “act” in my video?

Some larger projects require paid actors, but for the majority of our projects we suggest using free talent. Cash in those favors and use your best friends, their kids, a cousin, or even your dog. The majority of our projects don’t require anyone to speak on camera, so this takes the pressure off your “actors.”

445 Harold Avenue

SUGGESTION People are typically attracted to celebrities partly because they are attractive. Without offense, we strongly suggest using photogenic friends, relatives, and cute kids.

5. Agent Profile Video

This video profiles and promotes you as a superior agent in the industry. It tells buyers and real estate firms why they want you over anyone else. You might send your video before or after an interview with a seller or real estate agency.

Here are some ideas for Agent Profile Videos

You can be interviewed

Lewis & Redwine

You can speak about yourself

The Ellis Team

Adam Parker

You can have your clients speak about you

Jere Metcalf

This blog post has given you some ideas to mull over while you decide what type of video you want to produce, and what you want it to look like.

Again, for emphasis, the videos you have seen are just examples. There is no set way of what your videos must look like. Don’t worry if you are struggling creatively, because we will work hand and hand with you to create a wonderful video that tells your story and serves its purpose.

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