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23 Ways to Market Your Real Estate Video

I produced a real estate video! Now what do I do with it?

So many of our clients produce their first video, or consider producing a video, and ask us “what do I do with it?” This is a great question, so let’s break it down a little bit.

Who do you want to see your video?

your client . other agents/professionals . property buyers . property sellers

Since these are the people you want to see your video, then these are the people you want to market your video to.

Our biggest piece of advice is to put your video out there…no, really put your video out there! Here are 23 of our suggestions on how you can do that.

1. First, start by keeping all of your videos in one place. We suggest setting up a YouTube channel or Vimeo page. We can help you do this.

2. Add your video to FMLS, by posting it in the virtual tour portion of the buyer report. Very Important: In order to add your video to FMLS, they require that it not contain your contact information. Just let us know that you will need both a branded (video with your contact information) and an unbranded (video without your contact information)

3. Show your video to the client whose property you are marketing and encourage them to show it to their friends.

4. Email your video to past clients as a way to update them on your business.

5. Send your video to your vendors. (For example: your stager, landscaper, cleaning/ maintenance company, builder, etc.) Encourage your vendors to share the video on their websites and social media outlets, because not only does it showcase their work, it also gets more viewership to your listing and markets your business to more people in the marketplace.

6. Listing Interviews: Show the video to potential clients that will be interviewing you. This is a good way to sell yourself. It shows that you are a modern, innovative agent.

7. Put the video on your business website, or the site that has been provided to you by your real estate company. 8. Lots of referrals come from your friends and family, so show it to them. If you use social media for personal reasons, post your video to all of these.

9. If you do not use social media, ask the marketing director at your real estate company to help you use the company’s social media outlets to present your video to the world.

10. Add a link to your video in your next eNewsletter or blog article. If you do not use eNewsletters, or have a blog, your real estate company might, so check with the marketing director.

11. Text your video to family, friends, colleagues, and clients (past or present).

12. Many agents create custom websites using the property’s address as the website address. (For example: Add your video to this website. We create custom websites for our clients, so we can help you build one. More about our custom property websites.

13. Send out an eBlast specifically about your listing and add the video link.

14. When agents leave you their contact information at caravans, open houses, or showings, follow up by sending them an email with the video.

15. Download your video to your laptop, smart phone, and tablet to make it quick and easy to show right on the spot.

16. Share your video with professional contacts on Google+ and LinkedIn.

17. Create a QR code that directs people to your video. You can put the QR code on all of your print advertisements like property flyers, mailers, PDFs, magazine ads, etc. (reminder, QR codes and QR scanners are free)

18. Add a link to the video in your email signature.

19. Analytics are important too, so if you want to see a numerical view of the video’s impact, then will provide analytics for your video.

20. City, community, neighborhood, condominium, and subdivision associations welcome local news. Many of these associations are willing to post your video on their website, social media outlets, or eNewsletter.

21. Post on websites like Zillow, Trulia, AJC Homefinder and These are often a first stop for homebuyers and they encourage the use of video.

22. Play your video at your real estate company’s sales meeting.

23. When you sell your listing, because of your amazing video, send a CD of the video to your seller as a keepsake to say congratulations and thank you.

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